The Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) was established by the 1983 Legislature and, originally managed within the University of Hawaii for administrative purposes, was incorporated in 1985 as an independent Hawaii-based not-for-profit. Its mission is to accelerate technology commercialization to increase security, safety, and economic opportunities in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region. Its focus is on renewable energy; natural disaster management; agriculture; and ocean, educational and dual-use technology.

PICHTR’s Vision

PICHTR's vision is to facilitate the adoption and implementation of sustainable development practices throughout the region, and become a leader in planning, development, evaluation and deployment of appropriate and renewable technologies.

PICHTR Strategic Direction

PICHTR has extensive success providing specialized administrative support services for grant and contract management, business consulting and capacity building support services, education & technical training, co-funding and technical project support for renewable energy systems including village hybrid power systems, climate change systems & technologies, environmental science & technologies, biopower systems, health information systems and telecommunications, and applications in healthcare, disaster mitigation, and is uniquely positioned to provide technical assistance for technology transfer and commercialization (dual use) of such technologies.

Contact us

Pacific International Center for High Technology Research
1440 Kapiolani Boulevard
Suite 1225
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Telephone: (808) 943-9581
FAX : (808) 943-9582
Email: info@pichtr.org


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