Consultant Opportunity - Design Technical Consultant HURR Course PM
Fri, 12/30/2011 - 12:00pm

The Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) is seeking a Design and Technical Consultant to work on content development related to community planning and building design. The Consultant will work under the direction of the Deputy Director/Course Developer at the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) at the University of Hawaii and be responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of the Hurricane Resistant Community Planning & Building Design professional training course for NDPTC.

Duties and Responsibilities: Duties include but are not limited to the co-development and coordination of course content; coordinate and integrate content development with NDPTC’s Course Development and Delivery Department; coordinate content and communication among Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); oversee research by Graduate Assistants (GAs); conduct urban planning/architectural design work for the development of training course modules, presentations and general assistance under the direction of the Deputy Director who is a licensed architect.

Qualifications: Candidates must hold a degree in architecture and experience in planning and architectural practice. Experience and knowledge in the use of Autodesk CAD based software (AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max); Adobe Creative Suite software (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, In Design, etc.); Rhinoceros; Google Sketchup, and other softwares. Excellent graphic communication skills; good written and verbal communication skills are required. Candidates must be proficient in the MS Windows environment (MSword, Powerpoint, Xcel, and etc.). Professional architectural license and previous university level teaching experience is a plus.

Please download the file below for complete details.

Rex Johnson, Project Director, NDPTC Project Office, 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 192, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, email: