Energy Excelerator selects 17 Startups for 2015

Energy Excelerator's 2015 Cohort consists of 17 startups from a pool of high quality energy entrepreneurs to invest $5M in. They are extremely excited about the caliber of entrepreneurs and their startups. 50% of the startups in the new cohort have team members with previous exits and 85% of applicant companies already raised external funding!

Here’s an excerpt from TechCrunch announcing the new cohort (also covered in Pacific Business News & Green Magazine):

“The program says its new cohort was selected from hundreds of companies in grid technologies, transportation, agriculture, water, energy efficiency, and infrastructure resilience. Last year, Energy Excelerator received an investment of $30 million from the Navy’s Office of Naval Research under the Asia Pacific Technology Education program, which tripled the funding the program has operated on since its launch in 2010. The investment was a significant boon for the program because cleantech funding has dropped because of its large capital requirements and relatively slow returns.”

Check out the Energy Excelerator 2015 cohort:

Bandwagon connects passengers to share rides and taxi fares through their mobile app. | @hibandwagon

Bidgely tells homeowners how much energy each appliance uses by extracting energy signatures – without the need for lots of hardware sensors. | @bidgely

Bright Light Systems combines energy efficient lighting and automation. | @brightlightsys

BrightBox Technologies improves HVAC performance and comfort, and lowers operating costs, through optimization software.

Edisun Heliostats develops low cost concentrated solar power with built-in storage using rocks as a storage medium.

Effortless Energy offers free home energy upgrades at no cost to customers. | @goeffortless

FreeWire Technologies combines robotics and energy storage to create a network of mobile electric vehicle chargers. | @freewiretech

Go Electric delivers the next generation of microgrids for facilities that need to attach or detach to utility power at a moment’s notice.

Infinite Invention supports the integration of solar on the electric grid through plug-and-play solar connection and control.

Kunoa Cattle Company enables large-scale local food production powered by renewables.

kWh Analytics reduces financial risk and enables solar financing through analysis of asset performance. | @kwhanalytics

Prota Culture produces biodiesel and animal feed from organic waste. | @protaculture

Rebound Technology turns supermarket freezers into batteries. | @reboundtech

Ridescout aggregates public, private, and social transportation options into one mobile app. | @ridescout

Shifted Energy creates a virtual power plant of electric water heaters to store excess renewable energy and deliver demand response. | @shiftedenergy

Spider9 develops smart controllers that make large battery systems more reliable and profitable. | @spider9inc1

TransitScreen synthesizes all sustainable transportation options in real time into one screen. | @transitscreen