Energy Excelerator Interactive at Google

On June 26, 2014, the inaugural Energy Excelerator Interactive at Google was held. An audience of over 40 active investors and strategic partners in clean energy watched the Energy Excelerator's 2014 cohort share their visions and solutions before engaging in deep conversation with the ones they found most interesting.

A large part of the Energy Excelerator program is helping their companies leverage their funding by connecting them to the right people. Some of the biggest players in clean energy were present, from Claremont Creek and Panasonic Ventures to Draper Nexus and Khosla Ventures, and the energy in our ecosystem was alive and well. Bringing these high impact players together is at the core of the Energy Excelerator strategy: helping companies develop meaningful relationships to help them succeed. Huge mahalo to Google and to all of the fantastic partners.

As of 2013, Energy Excelerator's funded companies have raised $55M of follow-on funding and generated $5.6M of revenue. Alex Tiller, CEO of Autowatts and former CEO of Sunetric, which he just sold for $19M, recounts his experience in Silicon Valley.

Q: What surprised you most about the Energy Excelerator Interactive?

A: “The ability of the Energy Excelerator to put together meaningful support for startup businesses is key,” Tiller told PBN. “Even with my background, I don’t think I could put together 40 to 50 investors at Google.”

Q: What was it like to be engaging with investors and strategic partners at Google?

A: “I think it was inspiring, really. You’ve got one of the greatest companies, innovators of our time hosting an event where we get the opportunity to display our technologies and what we’re working on.”

Q: What did you get out of the event?

A: Autowatts, which is trying to raise $250,000 in this round of capital fundraising, will likely receive some type of investment stemming from the trip, Tiller said. “My belief is that every single one of those companies will definitely receive some benefit.”