Stem launches Energy Excelerator Demonstration Project

The Energy Excelerator program funded Stem $1M for a 1 MW battery storage pilot in Hawaii. Partnered with HECO, the energy storage provider Stem has deployed the pilot project aimed at demonstrating how distributed storage can help the utility affordably comply with the state's 100% by 2045 renewables mandate. The $2.1M, 1 MW battery pilot will help an Oahu flower company reduce its demand charge costs; charging the battery at times of low electricity prices and using it to offset building load during high-price periods.

Installations like these involve the stacking of batteries to allow demand charge reduction for end-users and grid services to the utility. For large commercial and industrial operations, it creates an alternative to reducing their monthly, energy expenses.

HECO expects that fleets of distributed batteries from providers like Stem could be aggregated to smooth renewable energy integration and provide ancillary grid services that help compensate for variable generation from renewables.

Stem has created similar grid installations in California. Contracting with the Southern California Edison for 85 MW of distributed storage to provide grid services.