Our Services

PICHTR fills a critical role in the technology commercialization ecosystem: accounting, administration and human resource support systems that meet federal accounting requirements; federal and private commercialization assistance within IP-secure processes; and training and subject matter expertise in diversified agriculture, renewable energy and health information systems. Together, these services accelerate technology commercialization and business growth across key industry clusters.

Through its projects, PICHTR directly provides administrative services and training support to over 100 companies per year with support of federal agencies including the US Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research, and the US Department of Agriculture.

Non-Profit organizations and companies of all sizes face barriers in securing federal funds because of required accounting processes, financial systems, a track record of managing federal funds, and related administrative procedures that must be in place in order for federal agencies to consider providing grants and contracts to those entities....   more >>
PICHTR has successfully designed and implemented customized programs for federal agencies to advance the commercial potential of government-funded technology projects. Our federal clients include the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy and the Office of Naval Research. Featured Technology Commercialization Services PICHTR...   more >>
PICHTR has established a series of trainings and a consortium of experts in diversified agriculture, community-based economic development, renewable energy, Asia Pacific networks, and Health Information Systems and technologies. PICHTR offers customized services and introductions to government, business, academic, and non-profit organizations...   more >>